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Used Machines

In our warehouses we have the biggest stock of second-hand and used sewing machines in whole Greece. You can pay a visit to our offices, so that you can see for yourself all the available sewing machines you want.

We have all the types of sewing machines you want : 

  • Lockstitch Machines
  • Chainstitch Machines 
  • Overlock Machines
  • Interlock Machines
  • Coverstitch Machines
  • Zigzag Stitching Machines
  • Post-Bed Sewing Machines
  • Buttonholing Machines
  • Button Sewing Machines
  • Long-Arm Machines
  • 2-needle Lockstitch Machines
  • Leather Machines
  • Transport Machines
  • Bartacking Machines
  • Cylinder Arm Machines
  • Pocket Stitching Machines
  • Special Machines