JUKI LZ-2290 CF7 WB/AK155

Product ID: LZ-2290 CF7 WB/AK155
Availability: Available

Single needle automatic zigzag machine for creating designs with smart control system.

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Automatic backtack at the beginn: Yes
Automatic backtack at the end: Yes
Automatic change: from fine fabrics to thick
Automatic leg lift: Yes
Automatic needle position motor: Yes
Automatic thread trimmer: Yes
Bobbin winding system on head: Yes
Capable of 3-stitch: Yes
Closed carter: Yes
Closed lubrication system: Semi-Dry
Closed lubrication system: Yes
Foot lift: 10 mm
Foot pressure adjustment: Yes
Ideal for: all kinds of fabrics
Intermediate backtacking: Yes
Maximum zigzag width: 8mm
Number of needles: 1
Screen on the head: Yes
Self-lubricating: Yes
Speed: 5000 rpm
Touch screen: Yes
With special lubrication system: of needles