Product ID: A4Ε
Availability: Available

Single needle automatic lockstitch machine.

Precision in the seam and the stitch length (0.1mm).

Minimum thread remains on the fabric.

USB port for charging devices, fan or software upgrade.

Program for a specific number of stitches.

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Ability to make decorative stitc: with back and forth button
Automatic backtack at the beginn: Yes
Automatic backtack at the end: Yes
Automatic leg lift: Yes
Automatic lubrication: Yes
Automatic thread trimmer: Yes
Bartack program: Yes
Bobbin winding system on head: Yes
Intermediate backtacking: Yes
Lighting: LED in the seam area
Maximum stitch length: 5 mm
Motor: Direct Drive for 70% power savings
Number of needles: 1
Screen on the head: Yes
Silent mode: Yes
Speed: 5000 rpm
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