Product ID: 967-100382 H-TYPE
Availability: Upon order
Single needle automatic machine with triple transport for very thick fabrics.

It has XL hook "barrel" type

It has a clock to adjust the height of the foot depending on the materials

The distance from the needle to the trunk is 42cm and the height from the plate to the trunk is 22.5cm

Ideal for upholstery, tarpaulins, straps, heavy-duty materials

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Automatic backtack at the beginn: Yes
Automatic backtack at the end: Yes
Automatic foot lift with air: Yes
Automatic thread trimmer with ai: Yes
Bobbin winding system on head: Yes
Foot lift: 30mm
Maximum stitch length: 15mm
Motor: on the table
Number of needles: 1
Screen on the head: Yes
Self-lubricating: Yes
Speed: 1250 rpm